Staff and Volunteers

Kyla English (Volunteer General Coordinator)

Kyla English (Volunteer General Coordinator): I studying towards BCom Accounting at the University of Cape Town.  I love music, play the trombone, the piano and sing. I pride myself in my organisational abilities and attention to detail. I volunteer for AfrA Foundation and specifically Ground ZERO Culture CLUB because I believe giving young adults who don't get the opportunity to perform their talents to others, is very important. You need to follow your dreams and keep believing in yourself, you never know who might be watching and looking up to you.


Michael James Gelderbloem (Volunteer Legal Assistant)

Michael James Gelderbloem (Volunteer Legal Assistance): I am a Candidate Attorney in the process of completing my articles. I am passionate about helping people and volunteer at AfrA because I believe giving back to our communities and investing in Africa should be all Africans responsibility.



Kirsten Webber (Volunteer)

Kirsten Weber : I am studying BCom Financial Accounting at the University of Cape Town and once I've completed all my studies and have gained enough experience I hope to start my own tax consultation firm. I volunteer for AfrA, specifically GroundZEROCultureCLUB because I have a deep sense of love and appreciation for the arts, especially music. GroundZEROCultureCLUB gives artists the platform to showcase their talents while simultaneously giving them the confidence that performing is something they can do, that they are good at it and that their are people that believe in their talent.

Leila Nefdt (Volunteer)

Leila Nefdt: I am currently 24 years old and I am pursuing a career in Marine Biology. I am passionate about working with youth. The AfrAEdu programme has provided an amazing opportunity for us to give back to the community and I am really excited to play a part in this cause. I look forward to encouraging youth from all age groups to stay in school and to strive and achieve their dreams, just like I did. 

Katherine Rainers (Volunteer)

Katherine Rainers: I studied Oceanography after which I pursued my love for photography and have been ding that since. I am a highly creative individual with and for detail I have a heart for people and project development and this is partial towhee I assist AfrA. To sever an organization with a heart for developing people in Africa is an honor and a privilege.