Student 100 Opportunity

NEW! Student 100 is an exciting opportunity for you to become a change maker. Through committing to give R100 per month you become a partner in helping deserving students selected by AfrA. We started this initiative in June 2018 and have supported  3 students since then. Each student selected another deserving student and paid forward 10% of what they received towards their studies.

June student’s feedback:“Being a student who does not have a bursary and parents who are 

paying my studies, I was grateful for the student100 initiative. Apart from my parents paying for my studies, textbooks, stationary and printing of assignments costs extra money, therefor the money received by student100 helped me pay for necessities such as assignment printing and purchasing a relevant textbook. It was a great help. 
Paying 10% of the money to a fellow deserving student was a good idea as well as no matter how little the money, a student is always in need.” July student’s feedback:I was extremely honoured to be one of the recipients of the student100 initiative. Thank you for the support as it helped me to purchase a textbook that I will carry with me for the rest of my career, which I could not afford previously. This initiative inspires me to contribute in the same way when I’m done with my studies and have obtained my degree. I thank you again for your confidence and willingness in providing me with a stepping stone to help me achieve my academic goals.
The 1
0% recipient is a fellow social work student. She lives in Ocean View and travels to the University of the Western Cape everyday with public transport, which is extremely costly. I chose her, to lessen her transport costs and she appreciated the opportunity dearly.”

How can you help? Join this philanthropic initiative as a partner. To partner you commit to giving a minimum of R100 or multiples of R100 for 12 months. Through this we can reach 12 students per year. Our aim is to have 100 partners for 12 students. Your contribution can be paid into the AfrA account either as a monthly payment or a once off lump sum payment with the reference STUDENT 100. We ask that you contact us at for further details.

Our account details are below:

Account Name: AfrA Foundation NPC

Bank Name: Nedbank Limited

Branch Name: Constantia Cape Town

Branch Code: 101109

BIC Code (Swift): NEDSZAJJ

Account no.: 1145211631

Account Type: Current


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