Youngest Donor: Emily Schalker (Grade 4)


Emily Schalker AfrA's youngest donor

Meet Emily Schalker, a very young Grade 4 lady from Rustenberg Girls Junior School, who understands the meaning of paying it forward. Emily, with the help of her family set out to have a charity cake sale. She decided  to contribute some of her profits to AfrA Foundation and for that we are eternally grateful. Emily understands AfrA's motto: "For Africa to prosper, Africans must invest in Africa"  This is exactly what Emily set out to do! To invest in Africa. Emily through her giving leads the way to making a difference. 

Emily handed over her donation to Kyla English, AfrA Volunteer General Coordinator. Once again we thank you Emily and Schalker Family for paying it forward. 

Kyla English receiving Emily Schalker's donation

Emily's donation will go towards an ongoing project to upgrade Norma Road Primary in Silvertown's Grade-R play area. 

In Emily's words