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This feedback page attempts to provide updates on outstanding individuals who attended our workshops and found it to have made a difference in their lives and careers. We trust that their stories will inspire you to participate  and to give so that  our work will have greater impact and be available to more young adults.

Candice Manuel

Candice Manuel from Candi Coated Concept

Who am I and what is my business?

My name is Candice Manuel, I am the proud owner of a company called Candi Coated Concepts Pty Ltd. It offers three main products/services, namely: Events, Gifting and networking.

Events:  We mostly focus on our internally conceptualised events, which are based on networking (Various sizes). We do also partner up with external companies on other events.

Networking:  We will be starting a channel aimed at advertising various businesses and their owners. The main aim of this project is to inspire others.

Gifting:  This is two-fold. We create our own concepts for special occasions e.g. Mothers/ Fathers’ Day and sell to the public. Or we offer the service of creating for corporates e.g. End of Year gifts.

Why I started it and what role did AfrA's African Entrepreneurs Workshop have in it?

The name, Candi Coated Concepts, came to me in 2015 and I was led to register it. At this time I did not know what the outcome would be. In May of this year I was on the brink of shutting down the company name as I did not know what to do with it, but then I was invited to attend Afra Foundations workshop and this is where things changed for me.
This workshop left me feeling so invigorated and encouraged me to push through the feelings of confusion I had about my business and what its direction should be.
Besides the fact that the entire event was amazingly organised with every detail thought through, there were 3 female speakers that just blew my mind and I left me feeling that each one of them had left me with golden knowledge nuggets.

This is what stood out for me from each speaker:

Heather Sonn:  Know the WHY …know why you are in the business that you are in, because when you are feeling low, you will always go back to the why. It’s like your business reboot.

Bakang Moetse: Inspired hope in me to be creative and find funding options for my various plans.

Arifa Parkar: I sat and listened to this speaker from the edge of my seat, she helped me realise that my passion is far more than just events, but rather networking events, where I can help people connect.

After this I went home and studied my notes. I literally took things down to the basics and when I re-surfaced...I knew my “WHY” and it gave me such excitement.

Since then I have begun building. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling I get when I start seeing things fall into place, when the right people end up crossing my path even before I know how we will need each other. This is all part of my journey…it literally gives me goose bumps.   

I am super amped for what is to come and am so ready for it.

Thanks to Sebastian and René for this opportunity that you unselfishly created for us. May you be blessed for blessing us.