In the last 3 years we have increased our engagement with learners from an initial 10 learners in one school to approximately 100 learners in 5 schools. We have our first group 8 learners who started the project in Grade 6. We had our first integrated social challenge  workshop with more than 60 learners from Grade  5 to Grade 7 focusing on dealing with bullying and respect at school. Our academic arm of the project was launched in spite of huge infrastructural and resource challenges at some schools. Feedback from parents and learners has been encouraging, “Thank you so much for your support. We hope you will be back next year. Your work is so important for our children.” , “Sir we will be in high school next year, you must come see us there.”


We engaged our first group of trainees of about 20 volunteers from TFFCOE. Sharing resources and methods to develop youth through using resources that allows youth to appreciate their ability to succeed more.


Unlearn Boyz Code

We launched Unlearn Boyz Code in 2019 in two schools in Cape Town. At our launch we engaged approximately 20 grade 6 and 7 boys per school. The interaction and the realization that they have a lot in common and that violence is not the only way to solve disputes was reassuring. The project has allowed boys to openly debate differences between boys and girls and they have adopted a open mind to different opinions.