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Dehanré Kiewiets - Young Singer/Songwriter/Poet

Is an eighteen year old singer/songwriter and poet from Elsies River.

She recently matriculated and credits many of her performances to her school, Elsies River High, which has taken her across big stages such as the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Jazz on the Lawn 2016 and 2017, Bandslam at the Waterfront Amphitheatre, and an array of other festivals and events including the High School Jam, hosted annually at Grandwest where she won the best female vocalist prize in 2014 and 2016.
She performed at Artscape with the CPYO and CPYWE and collaborated with the Artscape Big Band which featured on the popular breakfast show, Expresso. She performed at Jazzathon, where she paired with up and coming band, EncoreSA and well-known Cape Jazz legends, TopdogSA. She has headlined at Real Art Wednesdays and has a collaborative song active on three radio stations. She was part of Artscape's 2017 Youth Jazz singers, mentored under Amanda Tiffin.
Dehanré often sings with Don Vino Prins, acclaimed Cape saxophonist, as a part of his band and featured in his latest show at Kaleidoscope. She is also a member of AfrA Foundation's GroundZEROCultureCLUB where she had an incredible performance in July 2017.
Her interests include History, writing and performing her poetry and obviously singing. She is well known for coloring her hair all kinds of wacky colours. She describes herself as ever-changing and wishes for her outward appearance to reflect that quality. Dehanré's main aim is to educate people through her music and poems whether they are her originals or borrowed messages she considers are worthy to be taught again.
Dehanré is a young singer/poet worthwhile following. Her voice not only entertains but brings the words to life.
Below are links to her performances and interviews worthwhile have a look at.
Music video teaserhttps://youtu.be/YNf4aZaHm6I

Expresso Show: https://youtu.be/2TlGv92nKL4

KFM Interview: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1548724218481952&id=411066625581056

Dehanré's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DehanreJK/

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Robyn Roxanne Williams and Allaina Mae Williams - Young Talented Artists

The two sisters Robyn and Allaina are two exceptionally talented young women inspired by their parents love for art and music. They are becoming artist in their own right. Each with different a style, but a deep sense of God’s blessing on their abilities.

Robyn Roxanne Williams

Robyn the explorer, said it was always challenging finding what her preferred art style was and struggled finding a medium that defined her as an artist. She loves experimenting with different mediums. Bleach on black paper fascinated her because you are always surprised at the outcomes. Robyn loves finding beauty in the unusual and wants to highlight how certain conditions affect people and in particularly how peer pressure impacts the younger generation.

In her words: “I want to challenge people’s thoughts, even if it has to make them feel uncomfortable."

This Owl was a painting Robyn did during a GroundZEROCultureCLUB Event

"Fragility" is a bleach on black art piece highlighting issues around Anorexia

My Shield

Allaina Mae Williams


Allaina grew up in a loving and happy environment where she was blessed to experience how awesome God is. She loves being surrounded by nature and loves art because it gives her an opportunity to express herself. Allaina believes art should impact people and make them happy. She says art creates a feeling of serenity and should inspire discovery and creativity. It brings her a lot of joy when she sees the expression on people’s faces when they view her art. In

Allaina's words: "I want to capture moments where people can experience the world through my eyes and where there is peace amongst the chaos. My art should make people aware of the problems in society as well as realise the awesomeness of a creator."

Brutality of Rhino Poaching


Allaina Williams





Ashley Williams - Young Talented Artists

There must be a connection between art, creativity, talent and the surname Williams.

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams is a talented young artist who has exhibited at GroundZEROCultureCLUB a number of times. Every time she has done something new. She is a deep thinker and absolutely hates photographs of herself but loves expressing herself, without conforming to society, in her art. She says: "I get to create whatever I want and when I am done I feel good about myself. For me the best thing about art is that I am free to do what I want without people telling me its wrong. When I complete an artwork I want people to walk away and remember what I did, I want them to think about why I painted or drew it in the way I did. Art is not just something you look at, it is something you feel."

The Hand of Time

Skin Deep

Ashley Williams

Art is such a powerful tool of expression. It has the potential to impacts both the artist and the viewer. Many young adults have been blessed with exceptional talent but never get the opportunity to showcase their work. GroundZEROCultureCLUB provides a platform where young artist like Robyn, Ashley and Allaina can exhibit, get feedback and connect with other artists.

We invite galleries to join us so that these young talented artists can be nurtured and gain well deserved exposure.

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