Robyn Roxanne Williams

Biosketch: Robyn Roxanne Williams

Robyn Roxanne Williams is a 22 year old Michaelis School of Fine Art (UCT) student from Muizenberg. Her interest in art began before high school but her decision to pursue it began in 2016 while she was studying Graphic Design at Concept Interactive Institute. She only completed her first year at Concept Interactive when she made the decision to take a gap year giving herself time to work on her portfolio for UCT. However in her gap year she took a short course in film at Media Village Training which further sparked her dream to pursue  a career in Fine Art.  She has experimented with many mediums over the years such as working with bleach on black paper, watercolour, acrylic painting, and photography. In exploring she is developing her own niche while it allows her to capture what she is really passionate about. She has a strong interest in sharing what she has learnt and transferring her skills particularly to the communities around her. Robyn says:, “Art has a way of empowering oneself and helps express how you feel. Art gives you the means to comment on the environment that you live in and could change it for the good. I hope I could relay that to as many young people.”  Robyn supports a youth centre in Retreat, Cafda and gets the opportunity to explore, what she calls the best artists in the world, God, with young people.

Look, I can drive! 2019

Artist Statement: "Look, I can drive!"

This paining is part of a series called "Childhood memories". (Other pieces were sold at a recent GroundZEROCultureCLUB and ToChooseArt exhibition called Cgunu/Nkabom meaning opportunities).The painting is based on the artist's memory of when she was young. driving her little sister on the back of a black, plastic scooter (Better know in South Africa as a "Straatvalkie" English direct translation: "Streethawk").The colors represent the emotion felt at that time which was euphoria that the artist believes each child experiences once they have accomplished something great, even if it is just make believe.

Size: 65cm x 50cm

Medium: Acrylic on paper





Artist Statement: "Salad"

Based on the project "Occupy the kitchen", exploring the monotype process in relation to the  theme food.  It represents a lunch party between three artists friends where the debris of the eaten or uneaten food became the subject of the mono print.

Size: 54cm x 42cm

Medium: Watercolor Mono print on Fabriano paper




Artist Statement: "Stew"

This is a continuation of the "Occupy the kitchen" project and represents  a mono print of a stew, a mixture of food and textures.

Size 54cm x 42cm

Medium: Watercolor Monoprint on Fabriano paper



Bleach Protea, 2018

Artist Statement: "Bleach Protea"

The king Protea is the national flower of South Africa and symbolisms change and transformation. Creating it in bleach symbolizes how its been imprinted in our society.

Size: 65cm x 43cm

Medium: Bleach on black paper