• Mentorship

Our Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 – AfrAResource


To develop mobile and fixed units of learning and youth development. The intention is for youth to have access to books, computers and the internet, as well as access to recreational areas that would provide an outlet for them in a safe environment.

Goal 2 – AfrAMentee


To develop a mentorship programme to support young people as they navigate their way through school and make the  transition to tertiary education. The program centers around matching young people with mentors that offer friendship, guidance and positive role modeling.

Goal 3 – AfrAEdu


To develop a tutorship programme focussing on subjects such as Mathematics, Life Science, Physical Orientation and Entrepreneurship for learners from low-socioeconomic states who do not have ready access to study tools and facilities after school hours.

Goal 4 – Unlearn Boyz Code

To develop balanced young men who understand their role as men, respect each other and women and who promote equality and are willing to stand firm against any injustice. In this project we deal with the unhealthy things passed on from generations of men in this unwritten code between men.

Goal 5 – Beyond The School (BTS)

To develop an entrepreneurial culture from an early age in youth by practically helping them to lead, operate and manage businesses ventures in schools. This project aims to not only teach entrepreneurial skills but skills important to run businesses while at the same time allows for  fund raising for schools. The project further aims to gamify entrepreneurship through healthy business competition between schools. This project is supported by AfrAGrow’s entrepreneurship workshops.

Goal 6 – GroundZEROCultureCLUB (Jr)

GroundZEROCultureCUB (Jr) is a creative platform for youth and in this project we will develop visual art creativity through art classes and creative interactions with youth. The aim is to ensure we introduce art as a means to developed well balanced young people and to allow for creative expression that stimulates development while at the same time allows for powerful messages to be  expressed. We will exhibit art and connect youth with people who can nurture their talents. This project is an extension of GZCC in our young adults programme.