Character of Competency? Professionalism or Personality by Howard Fischer

Character or competency?  Professionalism or personality?  How much bad attitude can you take from someone who delivers the goods?  How much poor workmanship can you take from a nice person, before it tips the scales enough for you to end an association with them?

These questions plague the minds of staff, managers, executives and team leaders in the workplace.  Production matters, but does it matter at all costs?  Do the ends justify the means?  Can we be utilitarian in our approach to this?  Do we tolerate rude behaviour because we are reaching our targets?

In my view, both competency and character are required.  If either is excluded from the make-up of a person, you will have a tough time working alongside them.

Patrick Lencioni, in his book, The Ideal Team Player (2016), narrows down the combination of competency and character to three key virtues… Humble, Hungry and Smart!

He defines Humility as being interested in others more than yourself, and recognising that which is true about yourself, whether it is a strength or a weakness.

He defines Hunger as having a strong work ethic which goes above and beyond the normal requirements of a job, in order to produce results.

Smarts is defined as having the emotional savvy and common sense to understand where others find themselves, and what their needs are.

He places these on a grid as set out below.

I am certain that each of us have work to do on our character and competencies.  Where would you fit in on this graph?

Why not set a goal to engage a mentor or read a book that will lead to you a point where you enhance your Hunger, or your Smarts, or your Humility.  Working harder on yourself is the key to success!

Here’s to a better you!

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